Tip of the week

Don't overwhelm yourself!

Know what you know, what you don't and who knows what you don't. 
Being a "jack of all trades" has benefits, but know your limits. Surround yourself with advisors and mentors who will nurture you to become a better leader and businessman. Find successful, smart and experienced individuals with whom you share common interests and mutual business goals that see value in working with you for the long-term. They may be able to handle your weakest tasks and make life easier!

Tips to help your business

Anvil & Hammer is a small business that was started out of the home and we sympathize and understand the difficulties in this path. This is the reason why we provide our affordable solutions. Being an entrepreneur is tough and we do what we can to help others in this boat out.

We will add new tips weekly and archive a couple of the latest ones here for you to view. When we accumulate a number of them, we will assemble them into a document which we will provide for free here. Until then, come back and enjoy our tips and tricks for your small business!

SEO Tip: Write for People

Although I think we're all tired of the old adage that "content is king" it certainly remains important and search engines are becoming genius at interpreting language and ranking it. They are also improving the ability to read through the B.S. fakery to trick them into better positions.

The solution is to weigh the cost of creating useful and unique content for each page and then determining how to best display that content in a way that will benefit the users and can still be indexed by the search engines.

If you are writing for humans there is no real reason to have five different pages targeting the same term. Be sure that each page adds to the user experience and utilize the relevant tags and attributes. If you are creating extra pages and content for the sake of the spiders/robots crawling your site in order to help your search engine rankings, you are probably writing checks you can't cash.

For me the key is to write good content that is most useful to the users themselves. If your basics are covered in the backend of your website via correct meta-tags, clean code and other basics that help rankings you will be better off. Tricking the algorithms anymore is more likely to bite you in the rear than benefit you enough to be worth it.